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Neurosurgery Rounds: Questions and Answers

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22 апреля 2017 - Администратор

Автор: Mark Shaya

Название: Neurosurgery Rounds: Questions and Answers

Год: 2011

Формат: doc

Размер: Мб

Страниц: 480

Язык: eng

 Neurosurgery Rounds: Questions and Answers is the first guide dedicated to preparing residents and medical students for the challenging questions - known as pimping in the vernacular - they will frequently encounter on neurosurgery rotation.

Nine succinct chapters fully cover the basic and clinical neurosciences in a convenient Q&A format that is ideal for self-study. Short answers and explanations appear directly below the questions to enable easy reading on the go.
Over 1,600 questions and answers quiz readers on a wide range of neurosurgical topics
30 cases - also in an accessible Q&A format - prime readers for clinical situations
More than 150 high-quality radiographs and anatomy drawings supplement the text
The perfect size to fit in a lab coat pocket, this concise review will be the constant companion of every medical student on a neurosurgical rotation and every neurosurgery resident or general surgery resident who needs to prepare for rounds or study for board examinations.


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