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Principles of Neurosurgery

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Неврология и нейрохирургия. Учебник.

Синдром Гийена-Барре

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19 февраля 2017 - Администратор

Автор: Robert G. Grossman, Christopher M. Loftus

Название: Principles of Neurosurgery

Год: 1999

Формат: doc

Размер: 500 Мб

Страниц: 864

Язык: eng


Now thoroughly updated and revised, this comprehensive reference systematically examines current approaches to frequently encountered neurosurgical problems. The Second Edition provides expanded coverage of spinal disorders and features many new contributing authors who are in the mainstream of contemporary neurosurgical practice. The book is organized for easy reference into major clinical areas. Discussions proceed in a sequence paralleling the clinician's approach in developing the differential diagnosis, establishing the correct diagnosis, and initiating treatment. Thus, the incidence, etiology, pathophysiology, appropriate diagnostic procedures, and medical and surgical treatment options and their expected results are methodically presented for each neurosurgical problem. The Second Edition's expanded and upgraded program of illustrations includes state-of-the-art CT scans, MR images, radiographs, angiograms, ultrasound scans, intraoperative photographs, and drawings.


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